NO to the Nobel Peace Prize

Today I sent the letter below to the Nobel Prize organization:

Dear Nobel Selection Committee,

I learned today that President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. While I have great faith that the Committee won’t be swept up in the hype, I wanted to let you know why I feel President Trump should not receive this award.

  • First, I believe it is President Moon Jae-in of South Korea that has done all of the heavy-lifting. A humble man, President Moon has worked diligently from the outset to make this meeting happen.
  • The summit hasn’t actually achieved anything yet and its quite uncertain that it will given past experience with North Korea.
  • What’s more, we have to consider what the price of legitimizing Kim’s brutal dictatorship on the world stage will be.
  • President Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he cares more about the headlines and “ratings” than substance.
    • The one-page agreement signed by the two leaders missed major points and was weak on details.
    • President Trump is now infamous for his lack of follow-through and can we even trust him to even honor the agreement, given his track record of reneging on commitments (ref. recent G7 Summit, U.S. immigration, etc.)

But the most important reason Trump is ineligible for this esteemed prize has less to do with North Korea. It is because President Trump is the very antithesis of peace. He is a man who activates the worst aspects of humanity, leveraging fear and anger to accomplish his goals.

  • President Trump has no respect for the institutions, people and core values of the United States of America. He is working hard to delegitimize the free press, he has normalized lying and sexual assault and he has single-handedly created a world where “sound bites” and tweets matter more than facts.
  • Trump’s administration has revived and enabled racism, facilitated and encouraged discrimination and divided the United States more than ever before.
  • Internationally, he has shown disdain for U.S. allies, starting trade wars and attacking world leaders, and threatening institutions such as the United Nations, NATO and others.

I find it incredibly depressing to write a letter like this because it reminds us just how much damage this president has done during his relatively short time in office. I sincerely hope that members of the Nobel selection committee consider this broader context as they discuss this contentious nomination.

Very sincerely,

Jason Reindorp


Note: the views expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect those of any of my current or past employers.

3 thoughts on “NO to the Nobel Peace Prize

  1. I support the sentiment of your letter. In any case what is now offered by the North Korean President is still very vague and certainly less than offered by North Korea in the past to a whole series of Peace conferences and we are a long way from finding out if it does represent a step towards nuclear disarmament of the region.

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