A Hillary Interview worth listening to…

Like a lot of people, I cringed when news of Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened” started to break. As a communications guy, all I could think was that this was a spectacular miscalculation on her part; that the timing was off, the message was off, etc. And then I heard an interview with her on The New Yorker Radio Hour. You should listen to it.

This interview is not Hillary whining or blaming.  It’s Hillary explaining what was happening throughout the campaign using internet search data, analysis of press coverage and more.

Its also an important interview because she articulates in blunt, direct terms the ongoing threat to democracy – from the Russians, because of what Trump and his administration are doing and more.

Whatever your politics, this is a really interesting interview. It reminds us how far from “normal” we’ve come



One thought on “A Hillary Interview worth listening to…

  1. What strikes me the most about listening to this is how intelligent and rational this woman is. Compare her discussion –whatever your politics–with the bombastic, illogical blabbing coming out of Trump, and you have to wonder why this country surrendered to his idiocy. How did we arrive at this turning point in our democracy–a point at which we have to seriously wonder if a government for the people, by the people can survive? I awake every morning hoping I’ve lived in a 9 month nightmare and hoping I will wake up in relief and … Well, you’re all there and feeling the same. The question is, how do we save our Constitution, our democracy, and, indeed, the world from this travesty?

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