A little “advance retro” conspiracy theory

Bear with me. I’m genuinely working on ways to get out of the news cycle and stop ‘reacting’ to each and every new affront from the new administration. I’ve turned off news alerts and social media notifications. Why I’m even reading a book on Buddhism…ohm.

That said, I have a real concern; that we are the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water. I have a feeling that in the very near future, we are going to look back and say, “how did we not see this coming?”

  • Trump team’s efforts to delegitimize the media
  • Sowing false doubts around the US election process
  • Calls for a drastic decrease in our involvement and support of the UN
  • Anti-muslim position with the current halt on refugees and immigration
  • White House decision not to mention Jews in its acknowledgement of Holocaust Remembrance day (Steve Bannon much?)

Whether this is all a brilliant plan by Putin (or Bannon) to destabilize the US and f*ck up democracy or its just complete ineptitude by Trump and his ding-dong administration, I think we should be concerned.

We can’t “get used” to this.

PS…and yes, I did recently start watching “The Man in the High Castle”

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