Slow living is good living…

When I moved back to Seattle earlier this year, I decided not to get a car. I wanted to at least try living without one, for environmental and financial reasons. What I didn’t expect however was that it would be the first step towards slow living.

At first, I rushed to subscribe to car share services, researched public transit and madly started cycling back and forth to work. Before long however, the bike was put away and my use of Smart Cars and the likes, plummeted. I so enjoy walking that 45 mins to work – if I’m feeling “speedy” I might listen to the radio as I stroll along but more often than not, I just clear my mind and walk.

This transition to slow living was not completely easy. I felt boredom at first and with that came a fear that I was stepping out of an exciting, fast-paced life. But that’s just it! We’re taught from such a young age that having a challenging job that has you constantly on the road, running from one meeting to the next, airport-hopping around the world is “success.” I realize now that at least for me, that’s not the case.

Slowness has crept into my life in other ways. I’m cooking, I go for walks and today I spent most of the afternoon cutting fabric for a sewing project. I love it.


3 thoughts on “Slow living is good living…

  1. I so enjoy your blog Jason, and would love to hear more. What is your sewing project? I have just made a handbag out of a large pair of jeans, not for the fainthearted! Keep up the walking, you are obviously a chip off the old block- love from us both, Is and John

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