MasterFast: Day 2

It’s late afternoon on Day 2 of the MasterFast. Things are going surprisingly well. For example, I’m not starving. And my cognitive abilities are still intact.

A few learnings from yesterday.

  • I drank too much juice. I was out with a friend and suddenly I had to go home…immediately (if you know what I mean).
  • I drank juice too late into the evening.  This just meant it was midnight and I still had to pee which is just annoying.
  • Adjustment made: 1 L of juice per day. Not 1.5 L. 
  • I didn’t sleep. This could, however,  be unrelated to the MasterFast.
  • Weighing myself at the same time yesterday and today, I seem to have lost 5lbs. Weight loss is not a goal for me. I suspect daily weight loss will quickly decrease and level out. Stay tuned.
  • Eating and food are largely mental constructs. I kinda knew this already but it’s helpful to be aware as Day 3 starts to appear on the horizon. Cooking dinner for a friend last night actually satisfied my cravings.

So my journey continues and I will keep you informed as appropriate!


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