My MasterFast Journey

Tomorrow, Monday April 24th, I will be starting a regime called the MasterFast. It was created by an Italian man called Gino who lives in Toronto. I learned about it when I was going through a series of “colonic irrigation” treatments with a lovely woman called Rana who owns and runs “Life Colonics” (near Dupont). I know, I know…waaaay too much information.

I will be doing the Master Fast for the minimum recommended time which is 40 days. During this time, I’ll be consuming about a liter of concord grape juice each day and drinking a herbal tea formulated to cleanse your kidneys. There are also herbal tinctures which I will mix into the tea to boost your glands, lymphatic system, kidneys and…which also target parasites which are in your system. (we all have them apparently). Additionally, once a day, I’ll mix a tablespoon of a clay mixture into one of my drinks…you know, for a little bulk.

In addition to helping to rid one’s system of the 8-10 pounds of gunk that builds up in our digestive system throughout our lives, the MasterFast causes your body to release mucoid plaque which is purported to build up inside your intestines and reduce digestive efficiency.

Forty days of not eating will, I assume, cause me to rethink my relationship to the food I’ve been eating. I’m toying, for example, with at least going vegetarian when I start eating again and perhaps even Vegan. Also exciting is simply taking a break from drinking. Attempting this fast feels similar to training for a marathon – as much a psychological exercise as a physiological one.

I’ll be taking regular photos throughout this time and will be sure to share any observations along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about the MasterFast System, there’s a private Facebook group you can join and some very useful documents available for free download.


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