I got bad news yesterday

This is taken from an email to my therapist sent yesterday. I’m sharing it so Fergal’s many friends are aware of what’s happening.

On 17 July 2015 at 18:44, Jason Reindorp <jreindorp@gmail.com> wrote:

I got bad news today.

I decided to take Fergal to the vet today because he was so not himself when I picked him up. He’s quite lethargic, hanging his head and having trouble with his hind legs. Although his dental surgery Monday went well and he’s back to eating normally, he’s also lost 2lbs this week.

My vet says that Fergal has cancer in his jaw. This particular cancer (oral fibrosarcoma) has about a 3 month prognosis from onset. His eating issues started about 6 weeks ago which is probably an indication.

She says there will be a steady decline. Treatment is radical so not recommended. The outcome is unavoidable so it’s for me to decide when is the right time to take the last steps.

She encouraged me to think in terms of days, maybe a week.

They say you “know” when it’s time but this scares me. There was such a difference in him from just a week ago. I’m scared what will happen in the coming days.

We’re going to hang out this weekend and I’ll see what Fergal tells me.

One step at a time.

I’ve canceled my trip to Nairobi next week.


3 thoughts on “I got bad news yesterday

  1. So sorry to hear about sweet Fergal. We lost our Bucky last month and it’s never easy. He will let you know and don’t be surprised if you have some really good days ahead. (Hugs)

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