This just in…

From: Reeta Roy
Sent: June-19-15 9:59 AM
To: Staff
Cc: Christina Levine
Subject: Update

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to let you know that Jason’s title has changed from Director, Communications to “Director, Communications & External Relations”.

This change recognizes Jason’s growing role to proactively cultivate relationships with external stakeholders in addition to managing our Communications services.  In many organizations, External Relations is a distinct function from Communications, but the two often work together in a complementary manner.

For us, the purpose of external relations is to build networks that help advance our philanthropic leadership and reputation. The kind of activity that falls into this category includes work that began last summer on the Young Africa Leadership Initiative and has since evolved into ongoing relationship-building with senior staff at the White House, National Security Council and USAID. More recently, Jason has been working with senior officials in the Kenyan and US government on the President’s upcoming trip to Nairobi and the first ever Global Entrepreneurship Summit on the Continent.

As our philanthropic footprint continues to expand, Jason will support me in CEO forums where I might convene other senior executives or lead other external initiatives. Moving forward, I wanted to recognize that both communications and external relations will be under Jason’s leadership.

Please join me in congratulating Jason on this expansion in his role.


Reeta Roy | President & CEO | The MasterCard Foundation



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