Morgan Freeman and the United Nations

I was lucky enough to see Koffi Annan speak in quite an intimate setting at the African Higher Education a summit in Dakar last month. After being introduced as “someone who needs no introduction” he told the following story.

“…its a funny thing being introduced that way. After I left the United Nations, I was tired and my wife and I decided to disappear into the countryside for a few weeks. After some time, we had read through everything we had with us so I told my wife we had to make a trip into town.

We walked into the newsagent and I knew immediately that I had made a mistake. Several men at the back of the shop had spotted me as I came in. Our cover had been blown and any chance of seclusion was disappearing before our very eyes.

One of the men came striding towards me, smile on his face and hand outstretched.

“Morgan Freeman? May I have your autograph?”

I looked at my wife, smiled and happily signed ‘Best wishes, Morgan Freeman’ on the man’s newspaper. Our cover was safe.”


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