The Exquisite Agony of Having Pets

SONY DSCA couple of weeks ago while I was in South Africa for work, I got the call from my friend / dog sitter that any pet owner dreads.

“Fergal was hit by a car. We’re in a taxi on the way to the vet.”

First and foremost, Fergal’s okay. No broken bones. No organ damage. Just some soft tissue damage which has resulted in him being a little stiffer and sleeping a little bit more than usual. But as I waited for them to arrive, for the vet to do the intake, for the x-rays and test results, I found the fear and emotion building in me.

Fergal is my best friend. We’ve been joined at the hip for 11+ years. He’s a fantastic listener, a snappy dresser and a great wingman. He’s flown back and forth across the country with me (on my lap) and regardless of how down in the dumps I get in and amongst my various moves and job changes, he’s always there to cheer me up (or at least cuddle).

The inevitable is well…inevitable. Our pets are with us for an incredibly short amount of time compared to our human friends and families. I’m a better person for having Fergal in my life. I know that he’s having an amazing life. It will end and that’s going to be incredibly hard to deal with but at least for now, I choose to focus on the amazing friendship we’ve had along the way.

So while you’re still alive Fergal, Fergs, Angelina Fergalisi, Fergally-Urgally, Fergal-ama-ding-dong, Fergalicious…THANK YOU for everything.

Here’s to whatever’s yet to come!


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