Sunny Side Up

Eggs Benny, sunny side up at Hudson Kitchen

Eggs Benny, sunny side up on corned veal at Hudson Kitchen

I wasn’t happy in Toronto for most of the winter. And I don’t blog when I’m not happy. The weather was punishingly cold, I have very few friends here, work was challenging and all one could do was stay indoors. I’d forgotten about Canadian seasons and the necessary, honest-to-goodness hibernation four months out of every year. I’d also forgotten about that lost season – the one West Coasters don’t often think about about. It’s called Spring and it messes with your head.

Over the last week or so, I’m happy to say that the first signs of a true summer season are kicking in. And with it comes the realization that there is an “other side” to the brutal winter. That things could actually get better and that at least some of that cloud of depression was caused by that bee-atch, Mother Nature, and her polar vortex pitbull.

This weekend, I set out some patio furniture on the terrace, I went out for a 6 mile run and did some work. Simple things, benign things really. All made better because the city was habitable. Why this morning, I even cycled west to have a brunch date with someone from my running group who I think is kinda awesome.

So welcome summer and even if this sense of calm and happiness is partly being caused by the Klonopin I’ve been taking over the last few days…I’m glad you’re back.


One thought on “Sunny Side Up

  1. Sweetie – I think those are poached, not SSup. But, your mood is certainly sunny. Let us know if you’re ever down in cold, rainy Seattle and need cheering up. Perhaps SUNcadia will be sunny. Marj

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