Electric Happiness


I’ve been noticing these moments of happiness over the last 3-4 days. Just simple, pure happiness. Sometimes it washes over me. Other times it tingles like a gentle electric shock. Does this mean I’m normally unhappy or are these just extra good spikes caused by spending a couple of weeks in the sun in Mexico with friends? Put that way, I guess the answer is obvious. I choose to enjoy it while I can.

Being away from the arctic cold of Toronto has brought me back to life. Suddenly I want to learn new languages, I’m writing this blog post (my first since moving to Canada), I’m on my second book in a week and I’m already planning a new gym routine and nutritional plan for the new year.

It’s strange that moving back to Canada hasn’t helped reactivate me in this way. I thought it would. Instead, I’ve woken up each morning with a knot in my chest (a feeling that disappeared on my second day in Oaxaca). Maybe it’s just Toronto, an odd, somewhat faded city that thinks of itself as world class without realizing no one else feels the same way. It could be all the extra commas and current heaviness of my new workplace or perhaps it’s just all the newness in and of itself.

Regardless…time will tell and my plan is to fill that time with all kinds of goodness.


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