Nobody told me…

Rainy TO view…that it rains in Toronto. I mean, why wasn’t I informed of this?

Some early observations:

There appear to be more Starbucks in Toronto than in the entire state of Washington (let alone Seattle).

Apartments go fast. I’ve been gazumped several times already. Seeing more tonight.

Holt Renfrew (a Barney’s-like department store) seems to have discovered a new species of impossibly beautiful guys to work there.

Binders. I seem to have a lot of 3-ring binders in my life all of a sudden. Several huge ones at work, one for my temp housing and I’ve seen them featured prominently in stationery stores as well. Yesterday I was getting a new cell phone and what appeared on the desk in front of me…

From this, I deduce that Toronto is a very organized city.


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