5 Things I Learned on My Professional Vacation

Summer Camp 2013

Its not often we get the chance to voluntarily step out of the daily grind and take a professional vacation as I have over the past 7-8 months. Here’s what I learned.

1. I’d been living to work (vs working to live) – after 3-4 months of travel, the excitement started to wear off and I was left with a dizzying gap. It’s been fun to fill but it caught me off guard.

2. Family rules… – I let the “busy work” of my career keep me from my geographically dispersed family. Turns out…my family is cool. My niece and nephew are people I would totally want to hang out with if I met them at a dinner party. I worship at the alter of my sister and brother-in-law for making it all work and am enjoying my parents on a whole new level as friends and peers.

3. I’d be a stay-at-home “mom” – inspired by my sister and friends who have kids, I’d happily stay at home and raise kids if I had the financial means (and preferably a partner in crime to help out).

4. I’m Canadian – I’m finally getting my US passport. So I can be Canadian. Yes, that’s right. I think going back to the homeland could be quite exciting. But I’d like to keep the door open to return to the US.

5. Life is exactly what you make it – the life that just happens is probably not the life you’re going to love. You have to work at it, make an effort and consciously create the life you want.


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