Marketing Lessons from Looking for a Job


I’ve been in job search mode for a couple of months now and am zeroing in on 2-3 opportunities which is great. As a marketing person, I’ve always worked to ensure that whether you’re a prospective or existing customer, a partner, a journalist, etc, your experience of the company brand is consistent. What I’ve discovered over the last two months is just how often the brand goes by the wayside when it comes to recruiting.

Keeping in mind that my job is currently to find work, I’ve recently looked at or engaged with job sites from over 50 different companies. Only one of those experiences has been what I would call “very good.” Hats off to for really thinking their process through – searching for a job on their site is great, the application process is quick and easy and, le piece de resistance, a human being actually contacted me after a couple of days to say “we know you exist, we actually looked at your resume and determined its not a fit, we’re happy you expressed interest and let’s stay in touch.”

Amazing. See how easy it is to get right? You’re treating someone who wants to work there just as you would treat your best customer.

To be clear, I’m not throwing HR professionals under the bus here. All too often, this part of the mix is missed or ignored by the marketing folks. I know that for myself, my new jobs have most often occurred after being contacted directly by a recruiter. Sometimes there aren’t enough marketing resources to go around which leaves HR to fend for itself and all too often, HR turf wars can also stand in the way.

Regardless, I will make it my mission to look closely at this area in my next job so that nothing stands in the way of bringing in the best and the brightest (who have proactively indicated they want to work at the company).

PS: The worst career site experience to date?…WOW is all I can say.




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