Akwaaba (Welcome) to Ghana

It’s 10:30pm and after 20 hours of traveling, I just walked into my hotel room in Accra. It’s 90 degrees with 75% humidity and I have sweat rolling off my head and down my face.

Biggest learning since I left Seattle? The city is pronounced a-CRA and not ACK-ra as I’ve been saying it. Who knew?

We disembarked from our 777 upon arrival using the stairs and walked to the Terminal (see pic here). Immigration looked more like a trade show than an airport with bunting throughout. It took 45 mins to get through.

Two of my fellow builders were waiting for me – Patrice (NYC) and Gretchen from Maine. They’ve both done build projects all over the world. They’re sturdy folk and Gretchen strikes me as the kind of person that likes to golf…or watch women’s basketball.

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