What will it take if not this?

I am nauseous at the thought of what happened in Connecticut today. School is supposed to be where we send our children to learn in a safe environment. The easy availability of guns in this country is certainly one aspect of the tragedy today however we’ve seen similar shootings in Canada and Europe.

I believe that TV programming, video games and movies are also contributing to the problem in this country and that to improve the overall situation, we have to look at the problem holistically. Have you actually seen first person shooter console games recently?! Armed to the teeth, these games glorify klling. TV shows and movies glamorize weapons.

I’m no buzzkill but we have to look at the environment we’re creating and start actively doing something about it because you know what? It’s not getting any better on its own. Its getting worse and worse. Maybe we need to start by getting your kids to show you the console games they’re playing. In other circles, the government HAS to move to put the “control” in gun control. Its not the guns that kill people, its the people who can get them so easily that do.


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