Hot Chocolate…for ASTRONAUTS!

photo 1The other day I was getting pictures taken for my Ghana visa (more info on that here) and I saw a can of self-heating hot chocolate sitting on the counter which I of course had to buy immediately. Here’s what happened…







PHOTO 1BWhen one turns the can upside, one finds the instructions and appropriate safety warnings. Indeed, I wondered at times if I needed to wear safety goggles and gloves to protect me if the whole thing went wrong.







photo 1CNow this be a hefty (read: heavy) steel can so I’m glad they put a warning on the bottom to ensure people don’t put it in the microwave.








photo 1DNext step…take both thumbs and push in. The whole center section sinks in about an inch. I have to admit I was kind of hoping for “pop-hiss” or “crack-shhhh” kind of noises but nothing. Oh well.







photo 1EI shook well well for one minute as instructed and ((gasp)) the can actually started to warm up. Nay (can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of The Tudors recently), the can got hot. Like to the point where it was kind of ooh-eeh-ack opening it







photo 1FSee…the first white dot went green to show it was hot. The second turned red to show it was VERY hot. Some might say that it got red hot….ahem.








photo 1GAlthough you can’t see it in this photo, there is actually steam rising from the hot chocolate. I opted to pour it into a mug because I’m classy like that. Turns out that about half the can is the whole heating element business because you don’t get a whole lot of hot chocolate for $2.99.






Of course the question on everyone’s mind is “what did it taste like?!” I’m sorry to say that I have been unable to taste anything for the last several days to a bad cold. Sorry!


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