BA: A fall from grace

World Traveller

World Traveller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I worked in the UK, I was British Airways’ number one fan. I was the one at dinner parties who would use them as a shining example of innovation in terms of business class seats and other aspects of their on board product. Their choice of Molton Brown products, the meals, etc.

When I moved to the USA, I realized how cold and snooty the BA flight attendants actually were and I made my way to become a 1K member of United Airlines.

I’m going to Ghana in January and turns out that BA had the best routing. Now I know I’ll be flying on the world’s smallest economy class seats so I just went onto their site to do seat selection.


Yes. This means that I just paid about $170 for the privilege of ensuring I don’t get rammed into a middle seat. And on top of that, they seem to have purged my long-time gold level account from their systems so they have no history of just how faithful a customer I was.

Low blows BA. Low blows…

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