From Hawaii to NYC, London and Paris



We landed last night from Hawaii and tomorrow I head to New York and then London and Paris.

I’m excited to be traveling with my friends Renee and Alexis. It’s sure to be fun.

Constant travel is disorienting but in a fun way. The only thing I worry about of course is little Fergal. Hopefully he’ll remember me when I get back!

In Hawaii, I ended up getting 7 shots for typhoid, diphtheria, meningitis, yellow fever and others in advance of my Ghana trip in the New Year. Trust me – they hurt but I’d rather have the hurt than any of the diseases. I read about worms that burrow into your skin and lay eggs, larvae you can accidentally ingest that go on to live IN YOUR BLOODSTREAM and other diseases that for example, cause a thick membrane to grow across the back of your throat ultimately suffocating you.

Well then…


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