Business personas (updated)

I was thinking while running on Waikiki beach today about the recurring personalities I’ve encountered throughout my career. In no particular order…

– Big Balls: this can be a man or a woman. Their signature is m-a-c-h-o. Tons of it. Presidents and C-level folks are most often found in this group.

– Angry Pleaser: they respect power and will do whatever those higher in the hierarchy ask them to do. That said, their tendency to do before thinking (and certainly responding) makes them angry as they try to catch up.

– Happy Pleaser: these folks tend to be more junior or they’re not so caught up in long term career thinking. They do because they’re asked and that’s that.

– Quiet & Really Smart: these folks know their shit X10. That’s enough for them as long as they know that through whatever channels that they’re being heard by the right folks.

Tell me more. What other types are out there?


– Hardcore dev/engineer: truly believes that if they build it, they will come. Generally see marketing as a tax to the business. Been dancing with these guys my whole career. They’re the best.

– Admiral admins: I have a ton of respect for admins who know what they’re doing. Admins, nurses and teachers are amongst the most undervalued people in the world. There’s a sub-species here that likes to gossip. Very colorful plumage.

– Narcissist: when the executive types aren’t of the big ball variety, they tend to be VERY narcissistic. There’s no question that what they say is the right thing. Because they said it. Mmmhmmm….

Keep em coming…


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