On Being a Lady of Leisure…

LADY OF LEISURE (plural ladies of leisure). A lady who is of independent means and so does not need employment; one who is free from duties and responsibilities.

Now one would imagine that this job of being a lady of leisure is easy right? I’m not so sure. Turns out that I at least am wired to be doing, achieving, progressing, creating most of the time. In fact, after a few days in Seattle, I find myself vacillating wildly from “lay on my bed reading” to speaking to 139 executive recruiters every day by default.

Nice problems to have I realize however bear with me. I’m a BIG believer in being 100 per cent on or 100 per cent off so that you get the most out of either state. Doing what I describe above achieves neither of those states and leaves me blendering in the middle. For me it has felt unnatural to (a) walk away from a perfectly good job (b) not look for what the next job will be and (c) have little to no structure in the day-to-day. I think that’s what I liked so much about doing renovations at my sister’s place (ultra productive) contrasted with going completely off the map (so to speak) when I drove cross country.

And then it hit me. My short term goal has to be to use those productive skills of mine to create a day-to-day structure that suits my temporary life of leisure, even if that’s something as simple as get up and check email, go to the gym, go to the dog park, do errands and take a nap. Ideally I’d love to add “do art” or “volunteer” in there too but you know…one step at a time.

One step at a time…

And you’ll have to excuse me now because I have a call at 12 and 1pm and then a coffee meeting with one of the founders of a very cool travel sit, all before I hit the dog park with the crazy V’s.




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