Minneapolis: moon habitat

I decided to take a day off and stay in Minneapolis. Turns out all this driving is hard work. I took Fergal for a walk “downtown” and well…there was no one there. Look up however and you quickly realize that everyone’s walking in hamster tubes between buildings. That tells me this place must get hella cold in the winter.

My other discovery is that Mpls is the home of Gold Medal Flour. The factory has been turned into lofts (as fr as I can tell) and all around you see things like “Gold Medal” park (which I thought was a nod to the Olympics), the Flour Club, etc, etc.

The city feels a little like Seattle and seems like a nice pace to live. That said, at the bar last night, I overheard a young local guy explaining his career progression to some visiting workmates and his conclusion was “…and that’s how I got stranded in the Midwest.”

Oh and side note. My Viggle pal, Anthony Faria, asked me what I was going to eat on my x-country journey. My romantic answer at the time was “cool restaurants, diners, etc.” The reality is that I’ve been scavenging for the healthiest options at Taco Bell, Subway, McDonalds, etc. Eek.






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