“What am I doing?” he asked himself quietly.

I’m about three weeks into my sabbatical. My time with my sister and the family in Canada felt one part holiday and one part just “living with my family” (in a way that was surprisingly delightful). It really felt like I should just be there with them which btw is a pretty great feeling.

My last two days have been 10 hour driving days so BAM, you’re not in the family dynamic anymore…you’re into Phase II which is just different from what I’d been doing before. Suddenly, I’m on my own, driving a lot, fretting gently about directions and staying at hotels (which have so far been at airports which makes me feel like I’m traveling for business.

Its interesting to me that I thought I had completely processed the work stuff when I was in Bathurst yet when I get in the car and start playing the 158 podcasts I’ve downloaded about entrepreneurship, story telling, human experience, politics, etc my mind takes the opportunity to wander off into “what am I doing?” land.

I have no shocking conclusion or punch line here. 4-5 headhunters have surfaced as if on cue and job discussions are bubbling so there is no fear there. There IS a feeling of never wanting to work again (and perhaps adopting a child and becoming an interior carpenter) but I assume that will pass (or it won’t).

My job at the moment is to let these thoughts keep bubbling up, to examine them and then let them do what they will. Some will bubble up and be gone. Others will present themselves in a way that may demand a bit more thought. Some will be incorporated.

Time to get on the road from Detroit to Minneapolis…


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