Why Are We Worker Bees?


We’ve created a world that is essentially a bee hive. Bees are driven by genetic programming which is triggered be environmental factors but essentially they live to build the hive, protect the queen and procreate.

Sound familiar?

Humans are supposed to be highly evolved beings, capable of amazing things like writing beautiful symphonies, sending people to the moon and extending our life expectancy through all wonders of art and science.

So why have created a society which requires currency to live and therefore jobs to get currency? Or maybe the question is why do we maintain this model? Thing of how different the world would be if we dedicated our lives to science, philosophy, the arts…even politics in the true sense of the world.

I have to believe that Star Trek and other similar shows were onto something when they show such civilizations in the future. Gone are the days of working to make money in order to build your house/hive, protecting your queen/culture/religion and then procreating.

Well lets not be too hasty about that last one.

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