Learning Love

I dated a guy once – fit, handsome, driven, awesome parents – and it was great. It taught me a lot about what a real, grown-up relationship could be.

Sure we had challenging times as well (like for example whenever we would be going away on trips, he’d wait until we were about to touch down to start a 4 day trip together and then express his doubts about our relationship) but you know nothing major. It didn’t matter that he was telling me that we weren’t a good fit because I was in love.

What I realized after it was all over and done was that I had been in love with the idea of being in a relationship. It’s not to say I didn’t have feelings for him of course but what I couldn’t see at the time was that he didn’t have those feelings for me. My mother actually saw it the very first time she met him.

I didn’t even understand the basics of a real relationship at the time and this is just one of many things I learned in the experience.

I also made a really good friend. FriendS actually – did I mention how awesome his parents are?


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