Jeremy Irons…is my friend?

During the six or so years I lived in England after doing my Masters, I worked for Audi doing consumer PR. One of the programs I ran there was a celebrity placement program. We’d loan Audi’s out to talent and they’d be seen and photographed or they’d do PR for us of one kind or another.

I placed cars with Tom Cruise, Uma Thurman, Zoe Ball, Nick Mason, Sir Terence Conran and…Jeremy Irons. With each of these folks, there’d inevitably come a point where is be invites to lunch or to say, a private air show on an estate in the country (thanks Nick).

Jeremy Irons was one of the most genuine all-rounder I met during this time and much to my surprise, after working together just a few times, I received a call from him one day when he heard I was leaving Audi to wish me well.

It was several years later, during a layover at Heathrow in the British Airways Business Class lounge that I happened to bump into Jeremy and his wife at the lounge welcome desk.

“Jeremy?” I said as I handed my Canne boarding pass to the person behind the desk. “Jason…from Audi.”

“Jason!” He replied enthusiastically. “How are things at Microsoft? It’s so good to see you. Have you met my wife?”

Like I said. A really, really nice guy.


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