She’s a Maniac

A parting note before I hit the hay today… I went to my niece Hannah’s dance class last night and was amazed. It was JUST like watching “Fame”. There were thin, graceful, ballet girls, medium build girls who just WENT for it and then lots of chubby girls who had the dream and you just have to love them for that. Ain’t nothin gonna stand in their way.

My niece, of course, is in a class of her own – graceful yet contemporary, high kicks that would knock the lights out and the tightest bun (I mean her hair) in the class.

Here’s my sound bite for the night coming from the instructor (who could drop into any routine at any moment and be perfect.

“…and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 and shimmy-shimmy-shimmy and twirl and twirl and lunge, splash, down and UP! And side step annnnnnd side step…”

PS: I always had a crush on Leo



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