Empower Rhymes with Flower


When I was out on my run today, a few simple thoughts about business bubbled up in my head about the various people and companies I’ve worked with throughout my career.

Empower your people. As in, empower the smart people you worked so hard to hire into your organization. It’s common sense but far too often, managers want to tightly control every word, pixel and action. Its always amazing to me what people come up with when you actually ask them.

Let them make mistakes. It was quite fashionable for a while to talk about the importance of making mistakes. In my experience, 9.9 times out of ten, that talk has been just that…talk. Genuinely creating an environment where people are empowered and know their boss always has their back, encourages them to innovate and take risks. Worst case? A learning experience.

People know how they work best. If an employee works best hanging upside down in a closet on his/her smart phone and they have proven they can deliver…LET THEM. Gone are the days where we need to be in the office, tied to the desk for 27 hours a day.

Empower = Flower.

Your team will be blooming marvelous!


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