Its Canada eh…

I couldn’t have had a more Canadian day if I tried.

A trail run through the woods with Fergal off-leash was punctuated by an encounter with a large buck. As we came around the corner, it bounded into the woods and much to my surprise, Fergal didn’t. To be honest I think he was scared to death.

My sister told me a story today about a guy yelling at her because her tail lamps were out. In France french, you would say something like “Madames, vos feux arrières ne fonctionnent pas.” Here, the gentlemen yelled, “Madame! Tes lampes sont busté!

Tonight I went and watched my nephew Michael at ice hockey try-outs. Man that boy can skate. Even though I grew up in Nova Scotia, its something I never got into. I roller blade (ha!) but I can only cross-cut turning in one direction and lord help me if you gave me a hockey stick and told me to follow a puck around.

Oh Canada…


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