You Put Yer 1st Leg In. (You take the 2nd leg out?)

Would you look at this place? Its amazing. Surrounded by trees, you’d fall into the water off the dock if you walked out the front door too fast and right now…right now, the rain is pouring down on the tin roof and making this sound. I remember that sound from my house in Seattle and I could listen to it all day. This is “the family cottage” on my sister’s property in Bathurst, New Brunswick (that’s in Canada). Heaven.

I actually hope it keeps pouring with rain tomorrow. And that’s AFTER a seven and a half hour drive from Bangor. Which btw, was after an eight hour drive from NYC to Bangor, Maine.

My new car is lovely. It really goes on the highway and I’m slowly remembering how to drive but…it doesn’t have navigation. Such are the problems of the first world but you know what?! I was very stressed out trying to drive out of Manhattan. One turn I missed and suddenly I was in New Jersey, then at the Bronx Zoo, then in Connecticut, then Harlem…then Panama (okay that last part didn’t happen but I was driving aroundthe storage space I had reserved ewa in circles and I left Chelsea four hours late and my phone decided to delete all its music and all there was to listen to was hardcore gospel radio.

(its raining even harder now — happy)

I got to my hotel at 1:30am, checked in and had a shower, rented an $18 movie (get your mind out of the gutter) and fell asleep about three seconds after it started playing. No MIB 3 for me!

Woke up at the Bangor International Airport in the pouring rain. Drive 7.5 hours through driving rain and fog and here I am. In heaven. And I’m sure in about 4 days I’ll actually start relaxing.

Will I get on the road next week and drive 24 hours to South Carolina to see my parents? I’m not even going to consider that question until after I’ve had a full night’s sleep.

PS>; regarding my “free” movers yesterday, even after someone I know (who happens to be an expert on stuff in one’s life) had warned me, I ended up paying $1000 for all the extras they insisted were necessary only to discover that I had reserved was not large enough and had to then rent a second space.


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