Bob is a spectral force…

Douglas Coupland’s book “Microserfs” focuses on the early years of Microsoft, the most passionate days of the company. The days where Bill was blazing new trails. Days where people slept under the desk in order to get shit done. If Bill Gates asked you to walk to the ends of the earth, you’d be lacing up your boots in no time.

There’s a quote in Microserfs: “Bill is a moral force, a spectral force, a force that shapes, a force that molds.” (The quote actually goes on to say “…a force with thick, thick glasses” but lets forget about that part for now.)

The first part of this quote is how I think of Mr. Robert FX Sillerman. Challenging at times, coarse certainly but truly an awesome force in the world. When the world is mounting an expedition to climb Everest, Bob’s already planning the mission to Mars. He’s smart, generous, funny as hell and his heart is made of pure gold.

My dog Fergal likes people but he goes cra-zazy when Bob’s around. He is up and running around the office looking for him before Bob has even stepped off the elevator.

Bob has a place in the Hampton’s and often helicopters back and forth on the weekends. He has four dogs of his own and they often fly with him. He recently said its time for Fergal to take his first helicopter flight and that he should go out and stay with him one weekend at the beach.

I’m pretty sure I’m not invited.


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