Ego Makes the World Go Around

Ego has got to be one of the largest drivers in people personal and business lives. For better or worse, its a key motivator for a lot of people.

  • How do I want people to think of me?
  • How DO people think of me?
  • Why did he say that?
  • What did she mean by that?
  • But what if I fail?

I’m not sure where the lines between ego and confidence are drawn but they’re definitely intertwined. Ego of course goes by other names – one’s conscious self, “id”, etc. It so often has a negative connotation in mainstream thinking but I think that’s because on the simplest level, we’re so often told its wrong to think about oneself. For me, I think its important to do just this however because thinking about yourself means thinking! And that means self-awareness and hopefully awareness of what’s around you.

Perhaps its all about what you do around the questions above. I’ve been trying for years now to program laughter as the automatic response. Not nervous laughter, not laughter as a distraction technique. Laughter because 99% of the time, whatever IT is…really doesn’t matter.

Ha. Ha ha. Heh. Hmmm.


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