Flying is a complicated thing

For years, I’ve had the ability to fly. It all has to do with taking a deep breath, holding it and jumping. Really full lungs will let you rise. Exhaling of course causes you to sink. I’ve been chased by dragons in dark, evil lairs; chased by all sorts of unthinkable things in fact. Sometimes I fly to rush in and help someone – say…someone who might have fallen off a building for example. Other times I just fly because is its a nice day and the feeling of soaring through the blue skies is really quite delightful. Sometimes I consider myself lucky because it will just happen by accident. I’ll be walking along, trip and in the process of holding my breath (in anticipation of smashing my face into the pavement), I’m saved.

I feel that I have this ability in my dreams, so consistently that there has to be something to it. It must be an ability I have yet to unlock. Either way, if it only happens to me in my dreams, I’m happy with that.


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