Marking A Transition

Last night, some of my besties from work came over for a drink or two (hundred). I have never seen so many bottles of white wine and prosecco fly by so quickly. Astounding.

It was great being able to connect with these super human beings. Gorgeous, smart, talented, hip and every combination thereof. They say that hard times and challenges create strong bonds between the people involved and as i was looking around the room last night, it was obvious. I really love the people I’ve worked with at Viggle.

For those who want to make their millions at Viggle and for those who maybe want to move onto something different, I wish you the very best.

– keep saying what you feel because you’re all experts
– whatever happens – RESPECT & COMPASSION – for the people around you
– use the force

20120915-165416.jpg20120915-165430.jpg   20120915-165459.jpg 20120915-165526.jpg  20120915-165544.jpg


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