Madonna if You Wanna

Last night I went to see Madonna for the first time ever. She’s 54 and the audience was packed with people my age or older. It was a site to be seen – the audience AND the performance.

It was pouring down rain but Madge came out and gave us a good solid 2.5 hours. AND IT WAS GOOD. We were in row 21 which helped of course but the sets, singing, choreography and costumes were super duper. My favorites — the marching band that came floating in hundreds of feet up in the air, the trio of Basque drummers and the Turkish chanters. Whew.

And I tell you what. She lasted longer than I did. I was sleepy and sore long before the show was over. Ha!

    20120909-184037.jpg     20120909-184022.jpg    20120909-184045.jpg


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