I used to be an early riser. Today it’s noon and I’m laying in bed writing this. Its been a long road to get here what with sleep apnea robbing me of the quality sleeps one needs to reset, repair and recharge each night. Sleep apnea led to sleep labs (let’s put 725 electrodes all over your head, plug them into a control box and place that box on your chest…so you can then try to sleep normally in a windowless tomb of a room) and that in turn led to about 5 mins with a c-pap machine (Luke…I’m yorr fahtha). After that, I quickly stepped over to a variety of fitted, oral appliances which, as an aside, Fergal finds quite delicious. (he always did have expensive taste)

Lately, it’s been drugs — Ambien to be precise. Knocks you out but I’m not sure it actually gets you into constructive sleep. It does, however make you want to stay in bed for a longtime.

Fergal is snoring heavily as I write this.



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