Fab Friends

Coming off of a week in Washington State, I’m reminded just how flipping fabulous by friends are. Of course this is a direct reference to the people I’ve seen this trip but it also points to the people I know all over for time with any friends. Makes me scroll through the images, names, places and associated memories experienced over the years.

I’ve found this type of trip over the last couple of years exponentially impactful following a couple of fairly solitary years in Boston and New York. Not only do I get to spend cherished time with my friends, I get to process things aloud with people I trust and who know me, I get the perspective of being outside my NYC life and seeing Seattle for all it’s wonders and it’s wear.

Many thanks to Scott and Rodger for dinners and a place to stay; to Christian and Brendan for our driving adventure through Colville, Nelson and Osoyooz; and to Norman and Kristen for lovely meals and river tubing time. And so nice to see Chickpea, meet his parents and his new beau Evan.


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